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First all this is my first post here. I have not made a purchase but I do feel that the XES635BK unit is what I need for a project that I have.

I am delphi 7 developer. Can anyone give me advice on this first. Also, I would like to see if there is a way I can ramp up my development by using a 3rd party toolkit.

My application involves presenting menus and submenus to the user and having them change options then save the results back into a .ini (.xml) file. This is all I really want to accomplish. Of course, I have a delphi application that will load with Windows and I would like to interface with it.

I have envisioned something like the following:

1) Computer boots and launches my application
2) I try and detect the XES635BK unit for some period (asy 30 seconds)
3) If not detected I go into a normal run mode and operate off current settings
4) If XES635BK is detected I go into a menu presentation mode (interactive)
5) At the end of the session (either user has not pressed any keys in some minutes [timeout] or user pressed the "save and exit" option) I will then enter the "run mode" in my application after loading in the user updated settings.

Request 1:
What I would like to see is if someone has a toolkit, possibly active X, that will insulate me from the serial communications and allow me to get straight into the menu building.

Request 2:
I would like to find a system (toolkit) that would allow me to "spec" out the menus and options with values (like in an xml file) then use this data at runtime to generate the menus and option selections with out having to recompile the application each time. After all its just menus and options followed by a "save" operation. I would enjoy just changing the menu file and then being able to access these new menus or options on the XES635BK unit at runtime and ultimately be able to save any changed options in the .xml file.

Can someone give me advice on this ?

I do have Visual Studio but I am not a C developer. I dowloaded the 635 Wintest with Source and found that it was missing a varible declaration and would not compile. I managed to add the "int ii" line and it compiled. I guess that makes me a C++ programmer :)

Any help or advice will be appreciated. Mr Moderator, if this is not in the correct forum please move it to the appropriate one.

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Thanks for the help. Are there any developers out there willing to give me a proposal on some middleware for this to make my job easier?

I believe my idea would make for a marketable product in itself.



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I'm using Delphi 6 so add my question here, maybe someone "Delphian" could help me. :D

Actually I'm working on a mp3 player prototype based on a ITX PC, the imputs are done by a touch screen and what I would add is an external LCD display to show some text info because the Touch Screen could be hidden by a panel and not visible.

I'm reading the whole forum :eek:, could someone tell me if exist a dll library to connect via usb to the LCD that let to send strings?
Or someone could show me the way to make a dll to do this?

Thanks a lot in advance

Greetings from Italy