hyundai bw graphic lcd hg16501-a


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dear sir or madam,

can you please help me in finding a replacement for hyundai bw graphic lcd module model hg16501-a

i found a very close equivalent on crystalfontz but is not sure wether it is compatible or not.

the p/n is "CFAG160128B-YYH-TZ"

thanks in advance for your assitance

best regards

vishal gupta
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CF Tech

Generally . . . if the holes, PCB outline, active area and et c. line up, then the display will work. Most of the character modules are "standard" and can be swapped out with relative ease.

You may need to adjust Vo (the contrast) and you should make sure that the old circuit does not drive the backlight too hard (check the backlight current, and make sure an appropriate backlight current limiting resistor are in place).


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thanks for replying.

as i understand, the display and mechanical sizes are exactly same.

both of these uses same controller from toshiba.

both of them has el backlighting element and the inverter is outside.

please advise



CF Tech

The "CFAG160128B-YYH-TZ" is a yellow LED backlight. We may be able to get an EL backlight version of it.

It would probably be best to move this request into a ticket. I will ask sales to move this request to a ticket.