Hyperterminal or Realterm and 633


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Hi All,
I have an all powerful 633 and am having good fun with it. I'd like to put it to use in 2 different applictions: The first is using Hyperterminal or RealTerm. Is there a way?? Can anyone provide an "Hello World" example of what to enter into a terminal emulation program?
Second: I'd like to interface with a PIC18f2550 or PIC16F819 or PIC18452 etc... Sadly, I just can't seem to get a grip on the example code that's out there. Building the packet and the CRC just seems so convoluted... is there no simple way to just display "Hello World" on this thing. Hardware is not the problem as I can use MAX232's and communicate to and from my PICs using hyperterminal and buttons.

Thanks fo any help!!!
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For the "Hello World" using a terminal program, the CFA-632 and CFA-634 support the "ASCII" style interface.

The CFA-631, CFA-633 and CFA-635 all use the packet interface. There is probably not a way to make them respond with a terminal.

The packet interface may seem confusing at first, but once you get the CRC going it is not so hard. The good thing about the packet with the CRC is that the module will never do anything "goofy", unless you have a good packet that has a good CRC, or the module will not respond, and will not get into any weird states.

Can post a specific place where you are having trouble with the demo code? What language are you writing under?

I think somewhere there was a program that just continually echoed the contents of a text file to a module.
(looking . . . . )
OK, there is one for the CFA-634 but not for the CFA-633. Well, if that would help I could make a CFA-633 one.