How to write to the 3rd and 4th row of a 40x4 LCD?


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Hi I have a 40x4 LCD, i've manage to display character on it, but only on the 1st and 2nd row. how do i get use of the 3rd and 4th row? Do I need to initiate something? Please help !!!
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If you are referring to a display like the CFAH4004, then it has two controller chips (each with its own E strobe line). Its like two 40x2 displays stacked. So you'd have to initialize both controllers, and find a way to control the second E signal. With a standard parallel port hookup, and using commercially available software, this may not be do-able.

hi, i saw your question and found you have solved it. right now i am in problem about displaying character on 40 x 4 lcd. pls help me, tell me how i can write on this lcd, and how i can change lines to print on that pls..........and pls give me sample code for it if you dont mind......