How to setup CC2 as Service in Windows 7


New member
Have everything working with my headless system but no option for it to start as a service. It only displays info if logged on to system. Under the General settings it has (User Tray Application default for windows Vista) and no option to change it. Any ideas I might try. Checking options under startup options does not change anything.
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CF Mark

The "run as a service" option was removed removed from CC2 when using Windows 7 or later as the added UAC and windows application security measures made it difficult to use and of limited use for most people.

I've just done some testing, and have come up with a procedure for you to manually install it:
- setup the module using the cc2_config app (and the cc2_tray app) so the module operates as desired​
- close both the cc2_tray and c22_config apps completely (not running in the windows tray)​
- navigate to the "C:\ProgramData\CrystalControl2" directory, and edit the "cc2_service.ini" file​
change the "use_trayapp=1" to "use_trayapp=0". Save the file.​
- open a command prompt with administrator access, run the command:​
sc create cc2_service binpath= "C:\Program Files (x86)\CrystalControl2\cc2_service.exe" start= auto
(change the cc2 installation location if needed) (note, the spaces after the = need to be there)​

That should be it.
If you open the Windows service manager, you should now see a listing for cc2_service. You can right-click on it to force start/stop the service if needed. It should start automatically when Windows starts.

Please let us know how this works for you.