How to report a CrystalControl2 problem

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CrystalControl2 has extensive logging support to help with debugging problems.

To make it easier for us to help you with a problem, it is suggested you do the following:

  1. Stop CrystalControl2 using the Windows Startbar control
  2. Browse to the directory where CrystalControl2 configuration files are stored ("C:\program files\CrystalControl2" in WinXP, "C:\ProgramData\CrystalControl2" in Win7/Win10)
  3. Delete all the existing log files (Files with the ".log" extension)
  4. Open the file "logprefs.ini" in a text editor like notepad, and change the "file_level" setting to a value of "0". Save the file and close the text editor
  5. Start CrystalControl2, and let it run until the problem occurs, and for a few minutes after.
  6. Stop CrystalControl2
  7. Using an archive program like WinZip, compress all the ".log" files and ".ini" files in the CrystalControl2 directory into a zip file
  8. Start a new thread in this forum reporting your problem in detail, and attach the zip file you created

If you think other information will help (like screenshots, etc), please attach them in the thread also.

We will try to have an answer for you as soon as possible.
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