How to install a 634 USB?


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Hey Guys,

Just got my USB 634.... and I really can't find anyting that tells me how to run it.

I Downloaded the usb driver 2134, but the cfcc-1.00 program seems to only support serial interface.

What do I need to do to get this baby up and running?

I installed the usb driver, then installed crystal controll 1.00, then plugged in the device.

Got the old Add Hardware wizard, but it was unable to locate drivers even when I pointed it to the directory that the newly installed usb driver was loacted in.

Could you please outline the basic steps for me? Maybe I'm missing something easy?

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CF Support

BEFORE INSTALLING THE PHYSICAL DEVICE, run the driver installation program and accept the default directory of:

C:\Program Files\Crystalfontz USB drivers

Then plug in the device and point the Hardware Wizard to:

C:\Program Files\Crystalfontz USB drivers

You can then use device manager to verify that the new COM port has been created.

All versions of CC support the USB versions, as they open a virtual com port.

Please advise what operating system you're running.
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