How to idle a graphic LCD


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The CFAG320240C-FMIT is given for 15000 hours of work.
When always running, it's about 2 years. And I'm not thinking of replacing it in 2 years, maybe I will not find another.
So my question is :

Is it possible to unpower it when not necessary and to power it up when necessary ?
If so, what is the procedure to observe, in order not to destroy it ?
Is it necessary to reinit it after a idle time ?

Maybe, these are strange questions, but there are mines.

Thanks in advance


Jean Claude

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To save the life of the CCFL, you can shut off the inverter, perhaps with a power FET on the 5 volt side.

As long as you don't power off the LCD panel logic, you don't need to re-initialize.
If your application wants to save power, then if you remove logic voltage also, you will have to re-init and re-display the content.