How can I control a Graphical LCD controller (KS0173)


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Is there any way to control the CFAX12864C-WGH-TS Graphical LCD with a KS0173 controller though a serial or parallel port? Thank you.
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CF Tech

Theoretically, you could connect the CFAX12864* series to the parallel port, but the mechanical challenge of making a connection to the CFAX12864C's fine pitch connector would likely end in failure. We do not recommend trying to connect the CFAX12864C series without a PCB laid out to accommodate the direct-solder TAB connector.

The touch screen is analog, so you need both an ADC and a way to switch a voltage across the screen.

Hampshire makes a touch screen controller that has a very high-level interface.

TI has the old Burr-Brown touch screen controller, it is lower level, but more economical.

You could also use analog-in port pins of a modern microcontroller, combined with firmware.

With any of these touch screen solutions, you would then also be faced with the task of interfacing the touch screen controller to the PC.