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I like hmonitor more than mbm5 and speedfan, and it works better for my board... So I decided to write a plugin for crystalfontz2 :)

You need the registered version of hmonitor,

the plugin is here:

Read the readme...
You need to know how to operate cc2 and install plugins for it / generate screens for it... one example is delivered, but it is not nice and has not much info on it...
maybee someone would like to make a nice screen for it? :)

have fun with it...
don't fear to ask me, if you have any questions.
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CF Mark

Nicely done!

Can i ask that you change one thing though?

Make the section names in your ini "[sensor01]" instead of "[sensor-01]".
Itll bring it into line with the other plugins and make sure its future proof.


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yes. you are right. :)
changed now.

also added option to change poll intervall, too.
(wasn't really necessary, because 2 sek is the fastest hmonitor does and is default value now)

changed the example screen a little bit, now it reflects the idea of the ids better.

url stays the same.

have fun :)
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fixed another issue.
At bootup and shutdown the plugin will crash or confuse the cc2_service.
Was due to some memory fault, but it only occured on boot up, not when windows was alredy running (and hmonitor not).

But fixed now.
Everything should work fine now. :)

If you have problems, don't hestitate and ask me. (forum or e-mail from readme)

Link is again the same.

have fun.


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me again... :)

important fix!!
Had a memory leak in update() function... so cc2_service leaked 4kb ram every two secs (or whatever your update interval was).
Fixed now (*puh* was not so easy to find)

recompiled everything with the libs of the newest version 20050724, so I think it needs that version now, but also gets the improvements of new version.

look at url above for download.

have fun :)

CF Mark

The LIBs compiled into the plugin should work with any version of CC2, as should the plugin itself.
The API for the plugins hasnt changed in a long time and i doubt itll change in the future now :)


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ok. there is another new version of the plugin.
I screwed it up a little bit the last time, I am sorry for that... ;)

Location as allways...


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hmonitor and CC2


Has anyone made any good screens for this plug in? I am currently using motherboard monitor but have discovered that it causes most computer games to stutter every time it checks the CPU temp :(

I want to make sure my LCD will work well with hmonitor before I buy it.

Alternitevly does anyone know of any other hardware monitoring software? I have also tried speed fan but that won't run specific apps when temperatures get too high which I want to.

Any help would be most appreciated.




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Don't know of any good screens, I think you have to do them by yourself.

For me hmonitor works much better than motherboard monitor and speed fan..
The Author is very nice and gives good support..
Hmonitor is even able to monitor some Asus VGA Cards.. I will build that into the plugin, soon. ;)

So my votes goes for hmonitor.. building screens isn't that complicated (I think you can edit other screens a little to use hmonitor plugin)

BTW: why shouldn't hmonitor work with your LCD? It will work, if crystalcontrol works on your LCD ;)



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Hi there.

As some of you mave have noticed, I'm not realy active in this forum anymore and neither have touched the hmonitor plugin in ages. I don't even know if the plugin is still working and can't check, because I'm using neither hmonitor nor crystalfontz anymore (sadly).

I released the complete source code (or better visual studio project folder) to the above mentioned URL, so if anyone has the time and knowledge to keep the plugin updated (if there is any need for it), he can do so.

I hope you still have fun with crystalfontz and maybe with this plugin. :)


CF Mark

Thanks, ive grabbed a copy of it.

Ill have another look at hmonitor, if its still popular ill update your plugin (if it needs it) and distribute the plugin with CC2... if thats ok with you?