HMonitor and new CC2


New member

I have been using hmonitor with CC2 for a while now and have recently upgraded to the most recent version of CC2. Unfortunately the hmonitor plug-in I have no longer seems to work - I think this could be down to CC2 moving certain system files to a new folder instead of the old "cc2-service" one.

Anyone any ideas / has CC2 running with hmonitor?


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CF Mark

I have just tried to use the new hmonitor, but it locks my PC up solid.
No idea why it isnt working.

Can anyone else confirm the problem?


New member
Hi - I tried a couple of things none of which seemed to work but then I restarted my computer and it's working so I can only assume one of the things I did - with a restart fixed it.

Amungst other things I created a cc2-service folder within the CC2 config folder and put the hmonitor plug in files in it. Not sure if this is what has fixed it but it is working. :)