Help with my CF633USB


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Ok. so heres my problem, I have a CF 633 USB display, I have control over the fans, I can adjust the backlighting on the display, I can adjust the contrast of the lettering... the only problem is I can't the lettering to appear, is there something I'm missing, or is it just me, I mean I've tried everything. Please help me.
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Yeah, I used the 633 wintest, heres the order I did everything
1. installed usb drivers
2. pluged fans into controller
3. pluged in power
4. pluged it into usb com 4
5. booted computer
6. did everything to instruction
7. booted up the wintest could controll fans, contrast, brightness, but no text is coming up
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Please write support{at)crystalfontz{dot)com (edit to '@' & '.') referencing this forum thread, and we will create a ticket.