Help with my 631


New member
I have a 631 that I might have fried when I connected the ground and the 5V connectors to the opposite connectors on the motherboard usb header. Can it be repaired or anything be done to it to correct the problem? When I reconnected the device the right way, (the device was connected the wrong way for may be less than 5 seconds as I realized the error even as the computer was booting up and powered it off), it is not being recognized and does not load the drivers in the hard drive. I have a windows 98se system. When the 631 is connected to the usb header it comes with an Unknown Device in the USB controllers section in the Device Manager. When I try to manually load the driver by using the Add HARdware Wizard it does not load the driver. I verified that the USB header in the Motherboard is working by connecting other devices to it and installing them. The PnP recognized and loaded the other devices.

Please help if possible. Dont know if this is beyond repair..
Thank you
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