help with CFAH0802A-YYB-JP


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I recently received the above mentioned LCD, I would like to know if there is a quick way to test it? It appears to me that providing the required VCC and ground won't turn it on.

I just want to know if it works before I connect it, the processor I will be using is PIC16. Thank you for your time

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I got a simple question, what are the minimum required connection to test the LCD? or the initialization process described in the manual is necessary. I want to see if it works before I go forward with code for the microprocessor I will be connecting it with.

A reply will be much appreciated.

CF Support

To verify that it works, you merely initialize it.

If you want to verify that the controller is working, connect ground, VCC, and put about 1v on Vo to see the controller putting blocks on the display as it wakes up.

Other than that, you'll want to connect it all up and initialize it. All our modules are tested when they leave our factory, so they're working when they get to you.


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Dear CF tech support,

thank you for your reply I just wanted to make sure. I did connect Vcc, Ground and Vo and didn't see any display since the day we got the LCD we droped it and it might have broken some connections :) also the manual has warned about droping the LCD. Do you guys do drop test? If yes can I get some spec. on that? This informantion will help us with our product.

Anyway time to order a new one.


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OUCH!!!! sorry missed that, as long as my boss doesn't know about it it's all good :D

Thanks again for your time and help. We will take better care of the next LCD :cool: