Help with CFAG320240C


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Hi there,

I have just purchased a CFAG320240C-FMI-T. We have a few questions....

1) Do we need to connect any power supply to the inverter (CFACCFL1) that came with the LCD screen? Or do we need to connect anything to it other than the LCD screen? Is there a data-sheet for it?

2) We are trying to 'talk' to the LCD screen using a P89C51 but we are only able to find information for the 20 pins on the LCD screen with regards to 6800 family chip. Does anyone have the 20-pin description with regards to using it with an 8080 chip?

3) How do you convert the screen to interface with an 8080 chip and what are the pin descriptions after the change?

Advanced thanks for your help!

Shivvaan, Stanley & Durga
University of South Australia
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1. The inverter needs 5V input power. The data sheet is here:

2. Since you aren't going to be using it on a data bus with a 6800 type system, the control signals will be driven by port pins from your cpu. Another port will be used for the data bus. For 8080 signals, "E" becomes "RD-"; "RW" becomes "WR-"; but that won't matter (see answer #3).

3. It looks like the interface mode for this display is "hard wired" to 6800 mode, and can't be changed (without circuit board cut/jumpering, and warranty voiding).

I assume you have downloaded the data sheet.