Help with CFA10102 Multi-use ZIF Breakout Board?


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I'm feeling a bit in over my head trying to figure out how to use the CFA-10102 breakout board. I've had a fair amount of experience with the CFA-10105 OLED breakout for the 128x64 color and transparent OLEDs, so I figured using the 10102 board would be similar. I couldn't seem to find any guides or walkthroughs on Crystalfontz, and I'm not quite sure how to decipher the pinouts on the datasheet. For example, on the 10105 breakout board, the headers are labeled with 3.3v, GND, CS, D/C, D0, D1, etc., and the headers on the 10102 board are only labeled with 1-40, each one with traces leading to LVn, HVn, GNDBn, and GNDAn. If anyone could help me out here with a brief explanation or a link to how to use this board, it would be greatly appreciated!

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CF Kelsey

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Hi Han,

The CFA10102 is a general purpose breakout board, so it can be used with any display with 40 pins or fewer, but it requires some configuration. Most displays require some components in their circuits to work (e.g., capacitor to ground, pull up resistor). On the CFA10102, each line from the ZIF connectors (and thus the display tail) is connected to a row of jumpers that allow the pin to be connected to one of two ground loops (GNDA and GNDB), a low voltage loop (LV), or a high voltage loop (HV). The voltage on the high voltage loop is generated on the CFA10102 and can be controlled using the variable resistor R3.

We have a few guides on display product pages for bringing up specific displays (like this one for the CFAF240320A0). If you'd like, I'd be happy to make a similar guide for whichever of our displays you are using.