Help To An Italian User !


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Hi all,

I've just mounted a CF 635...after installation of CC2, i've tried to view the CPU LOAD BIG NUMBER SCREEN but the indicator remain at 0%.

Browsing this forum i found that different os version have different performance monitor items, so i tried to launch the app "Perfmon_enum.exe" and i found an item like this:

"\Processore(0#0)\% Tempo processore"

i've changed this text in CC2_Perfmon.ini and in the screen but indicator still at 0%

What's wrong ?

Is it possible that i have one only item in CC2_Perfmon.ini :

full_name="\\Processore(0#0)\% Tempo processore"

how i can add other items ? where i can find "id" for other items ?

In the CC2_Perfmon.log i can read this warnings:

Sat 29 23:31:51 WARNING ini_read: Could not open config file "cc2_perfmon.ini"
Sat 29 23:32:09 WARNING ini_read: Could not open config file "cc2_perfmon.ini"

Is this the cause of the not working condition ?

Thanks in advance...

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My perfmon (in English) for the 1st entry is:

full_name="\\Processor(_Total)\\% Processor Time"

Notice the double \\'s. For yours:

full_name="\\Processore(0#0)\% Tempo processore"

should be:

full_name="\\Processore(0#0)\\% Tempo processore"

Hopefully, that will take care of your problem.



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Thank you for fast reply !!

now it work !!

ok...and if i want to add a new item in CC2_perfmon.ini ?

I can find everything in ENUM file except for "id"...where i can find it ?

Thanks !


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when you add a new screen from the screens folder, the values of the items that need data grabbed from the system are automatically assigned.

basically, easiest way at the moment is just to add predefined screens untill the public release with the screen editor is released (beta testing at the moment)