help on which software to use on my 632


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My 632 arrived, and its sitting proudly in my ATCS 201 case :)
(superb turnaround Crystalfontz)

I have played with Wintest and have discovered I'm on COM2 at 19200 baud so all seems well.

I have tried running LCDCenter 2.0 but (even though on the config I set it to "lcd driver, COM2, rows 2, coll 16 , and COM speed of 19200)

even so, any output this program gives me is just weird scrolly asci symbols?

As far as I can tell I have done nothing wrong, can any other serial lcder out there give me any advice, or any other programs to try please.

I have an AMD Athlon 1.4 running W2K

Any help at all would be very welcome
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Actually, on reflection

after reading the pdf it would seem that i'm actually on the (default) of 9600
I don't understand why nothing but WinTest, and the winamp plugin (by Henrik) works :( and that doesn't scroll so long song names fall of the edge.

LCD driver lights up the display, but that's all

lcd center sends weird stuff, no matter how I configure it (that's when it actually works) in W2K I get it doing an awful lot of "not responding"

UIC would be great, except that the Author doesn't support 16 x 2 displays, and has no intention of doing so :(

I really don't know what else to try now, does anyone have any ideas?