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Hello, Installed ok configured 634-usb to com 5 as in Device manager unistalled cc1.07 (left usb drivers ) hardware boots up fine with previous default screen loaded, i had 1.07 running with the service / usb drivers worked fine apart from the service crashing every day. CC2 sevice starts loaded cpu graph and nothing.

I had fan control via 633 service monitor will i still need this ?

Many thanks:confused:

Fixed now re-inst usb driver's
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I am not sure if this applies to the 633, as I use the 631, however, I found that there is a file present in the service folder called 631_stats.txt that lists four fans and 32 temps. Take a look at the example lcd_633.ini file in the plugin_info folder under services to get an idea of what's needed to set things up.

There is also a handy utility for generating random numbers to use for the different variables you want to track in the random id gen folder.