Help/Code examples for the CFAL160128B-F-B2 (LGDP4216 Controller) please :-)


New member
Hi All,

My PCB will arrive in a few days and i am very keen to see if I can get the OLED display working. I am using a Microchip PIC24 controller for the project.

I would love some help/advice to help me get going...

1. I think a few months back I downloaded a some sample code (for the AVR?) that allowed you to initiate the display and change colors...that would be a logical place to start. Is that still available? I have moved countries and PC's and can't find a copy (if i kept one)

2. Has anybody written basic driver code for this display? Something that allows you to upload text/bitmaps etc. Obviously source would be great :) but any help/advice/comments would be appreciated.... just knowing it had been done would make me feel better ;-)

3. If no specific LGDP4216 examples are available is their some "generic" code/resources that anybody can direct me to? Ideally something in C for similar controllers to the LGDP4216.

FYI I am engineer with a smalll business (2 peeps) with limited resources ($$ and intellectual) so expensive software packages is not an option and I have to try and be jack of all trades :eek:

Any and all help/comments very much appreciated!

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