HD44780 Support


New member
Hi There,

I'm pretty new to all of this stuff but want to get into it. I run a game called rFactor and there is a plugin that exports the information and displays it on a screen via CC2.

My problem is that I want to interface a LCD other than that of the CrystalFontz LCDs. The main reason being that none of the LCDs available are a suitable size, they are all too big. I am able to get a 16x2 HD44780 display from a local shop that is only 66mm x 26mm. The smallest here being 108mm x 43mm, this is too big.

So my main question is, Has anyone successfully conected a HD44780 display to CC2. At the moment when I try to add a screen, without the display pluged in, I get an error. Do I need to have the display pluged for it to work?

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