HD44780 on parallel port not working at all?


New member
hi guyz. is the hd44780 just not working because there are no screens yet? i just can select *.0000 files in the configuration dialog and there is nothing in the install dir. do i have to wait until hd44780 gets implemented in cc2? would you recommend me to buy a usb display with a little more features?

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CF Mark

Sorry for the late reply.

So when you open the "insert new screen" window, the file type is *.0000?
If so, thats a bug i havnt seen before.

What size is your LCD?

You can still get it to work though by just replacing "*.0000" with "*.*".
Youll then be able to load any of the screens.
They probably will not be displayed correctly though as they are made for specific sized LCDs (16x2, 20x2, 20x4).

HD44780 support isnt properly supported in the current version of CC2 due to IO driver problems.
If you really want to get it going, try installing CrystalControl1.
It will install the IO driver correctly then allowing CC2 to work.