GTR & Race plugin


New member
Hi all

I got my 635 today (Great service from crystalfontz!) and i cant get the GTR plugin to work
The info displays inthe config editor but on the LCD just shows NANANA in all the fields.

Am i ment to copy the .dll somewhere?
My steam install is not on my C: drive incase thats a problem, It might be looking for the data in the wrong place.
Anyone have any ideas?

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CF Mark

It should just work.
There are no plugins, etc that need to be copied around as GTR shares the information via shared-memory.

If you are running Vista or Win7, then you need to run CC2 as a tray app for this to work as NT services dont have access to user-level shared-memory.
In the main CC2 config app, select the "general options" tab, then under the "Run As..." box, select "User Tray Application".
Then reboot.

After logging back into Windows, you should see a new green icon in the startbar tray which is the CC2 tray application.

Hopefully GTR info will then work.