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you guys (crystal fontz) should really think about making a pre wired kit for a graphic lcd via parellel port (printer port).
I have seen some really nice things that are being done with them on some dutch sites. But you cant buy them state side and i really think thier might be a market for them.

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There are some pretty fun possibilities with graphic LCDs. We may have to consider doing something along those lines :)


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The first place I checked was here since I got my 634 form you guys. But you had none so I had to go esle where. To bad you guys make some great stuff.

I know there is a demand, I'm a modder and co-run . People would much rather send there money to some one in the states than overseas. I was lucky and got mine in just over a week. I have heard others say it takes months before they get their GLCD's.