Graphic LCD displays!!!!


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OK, i know basically what im doing when it comes to the 2x16 and 4x20 LCD displays..... But can you use a Graphic LCD display in the same way as the smaller non graphic ones.

If you can i allready have one and would like to know what software can be used to run it and what the pin layout is for them, it is a lagre back lit one about 128x64 that looks a little the same as the CFAX12864C-NGH model..........

Thanks alot i hope someone can help me out!
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I've done alot of work with graphics LCD's, I even coded a pluin to winamp to display the songtitle etc. on an gfx LCD. The model I'm using is Seiko G1316. I'm using the parallell port to connect it to the computer.

Graphics LCD's basically work the same as char. only LCD's. The only diffrence (I'm talking about monochrome LCD's here...) is that when you send the "charater" to gfx LCD it will appear as a bit pattern instead of a char.

Check out these pictures from the LCD module:

P.S. I lost the plugin source+dll some time ago due to HDD crash :(