Got new screen 632 screen in, but its displaying nothing but jibberish...Whats up?


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I have put it in, and have it successfully connected it to COM2 on the back of my PC, I have set up the software ( the Crystal Control software) but its still displaying jibberish, arrows and other icons scrolling and jumping around. Whats wrong? Should I move it to another com port? I have tried restarting both the computer and the software to no avail. I am VERY disappointed in the lack of a manual with this thing. I paid $65 for this thing ( i got the whole kit) and the LEAST they could've done is have a well laid out manual for us noobies....
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Do you have match the baud rate correctly? If you use Wintest, you can find the baud rate and also need to adjust switch in back of 632 to get the same rate.

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There should have been a double-sided insert labeled "Connecting Your LCD" included in the box. Please accept our apologies if it was not included.

The same information can be found in the 623 data sheet in the "Connecting Your LCD" section.

Since the data sheet contains largely technical and programming information, we do not feel that it is a responsible use of resources to send one with every module. Most people use pre-written software and never really have need for the full data sheet.

That being said, cake is right that it is probably a baud rate mismatch. Here is a thread with photos.


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NEVER MIND!!! I got it! it was the baud rate. :D I also reinstalled the software and it came right up. Works great. Now the hardest part is trying to decide what to put in it!!!
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