Gibberish on SKD-204-634 SG LG


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I have just installed this device, and got gibberish from the LCDriver control panel test app. Com1 / 9600 baud / SKD 204 634 SG LG selected. Hit test - garbage back.

Came to this forum and found WinTest. Run that and I get a nice clear screen that shows the Crystal Fontz header info and logo, the version number of my screen (I think), etc. all four lines of the display are populated.

Then it pops up the dialog "Port COM1 9600 baud opened" and the screen goes blank with a blinking cursor in the upper left.

After that, I get nothing but gibberish from any of the tests, or when typing in a short message thru the UI in WinTest...

Any ideas? It appears to work momentarily while WinTest starts up, then goes out.

Please Help - I'm geeked to get this thing going - Of course I'll keep f--ing with it until I either break it or get it working.
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19.2kb ?

Ok, now I've noticed that on the startup screen that is displayed while WinTest is initializing, one of the display elements indicates that the device is operating at 19.2kb. However, WinTest maxes out at 9600kb.

By locating and reading the 634 manual, I found that the dip switches can be set for 1200, 2400, 4800, and 9600 kb. How is the device running at 19.2kb, and how are the dip switch settings affected by this development? Is the manual out of date, or am I neglecting to read it carefully enough?

Getting closer, but still not working...:confused:
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By actually looking at the back of the device :rolleyes: I found that the circuit board has the baud rate settings printed that answer my previous question. By setting the device to 9600 baud all of the toys work now. LCDriver is happy and WinTest is happy.

All you blokes need to update your software to support the new highspeed serial interface!



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Where to get WinTest 2.0?

Can you post a link here to get WinTest 2.0? I don't seem to be clever enough to find it!

Thanks for your help