Getting SCAB Screens to work


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I just tried out the SCAB screens by jc634 but for some reason the temps just show up as 0.00C

I am using the latest CC2 release on my 635. The temp probes are named in CC2 and seem to be showing up fine in the LCD.ini

Any help would be great, man I cannot wait for the GUI CC2 as the only thing bugging me about CC2 is the lack of a GUI screen creator!
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ok, did a bit more fooling around and found that:
mmc1-4 temps
works fine, but the

635 SCAB temps Min/Max/Current w/Bargraph
does not work


Both screens pull the SCAB data in exactly the same way. If 1 works, the other *should*, also.

What does not work on the BG version? Nothing works or part of it does not work?

Regardless, I suggest that you delete the BG screen and add it back again. It is *possible* that some ini file was not being written to properly until you added the 2nd screen. Just a guess, but it might just do the trick.

Also, FWIW, I use both of those screens on my 635. I just downloaded the file from the Screen Forum, added them, and they worked for me.




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ok, after messing around with it some more (and removing all my screens and then readding them) the BG one works as well now.

I have no idea why it was not working before, but once i removed all my screens and then added them again it started to work again.

Thanks for your help as always jc!