Game support


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Hey guys. Just pulled my 634 out of retirement and thought I could put it to some use once again.

I was playing around with the CC2 software trying to see if I could get some games to work with it, and noticed that I needed All-Seeing Eye to work it properly. ASE has been discontinued since May 08.

Was wondering if there would be some sort of plugin support for games that could hopefully be independant from any 3rd party softwares that are not well know, and maybe dependant on softwares like Steam.
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CF Mark

The gaming plugin does really need an update.
The problem still exists that there is no way to get server IP/port on game launch for most games... especially those that have an internal online browser.

Supporting Steam (if possible) would cover a few games, but really, not enough.
For example, i play a lot of online games... none of them are launched from Steam.