Freevo, lcdproc 0.5 backlight suspend


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May be usefull to anyone currently trying to get the 633 working with Freevo.

Code below is a hack to get a Crystalfontz 633 to suspend it's backlight using lcdproc 0.5 (0.5 not supported in Freevo. The 633 is only supported in this version).

LCD backlight illuminates for a minute in the hack below, then turns off. To enable the backlight again, simply press any key on the LCD keypad. Hack >>>>

"Set vars on init in"

self.backlight_state = 1
self.backlight_ontime = time.time()

"In the poll method, suspend backlight after a minute"

if self.backlight_state == 1:
if (time.time() - self.backlight_ontime) > 60:
self.lcd.screen_set(self.last_screen , "-backlight off" )
self.backlight_state = 0

"With each LCD keypress detected with poll"

if self.backlight_state == 0:
self.backlight_state = 1
self.backlight_ontime = time.time()
self.lcd.screen_set(self.last_screen , "-backlight on" )
rc.post_event(Event(rc.key_event_mapper(<LCD key Name>)))
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