FPC Connector for CFAF240320K-T-TS


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We plan to by the display CFAF240320K-T-TS.
Can you let me know where can I by a FPC connector for this module?
I never saw the pitch 0.8 and 37 pins.

Thank you.
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CF Tech

The connector on the CFAF240320K-T-TS is a "TAB" (tape automated bonding) mated with a "COF" (chip on flex) style flex tail or a "COG" (chip on glass) display construction.

This style of connector is designed to be soldered directly to corresponding pads on your PCB by using a hot-bar soldering machine. High volume contract manufacturers will be familiar with this type of construction and its assembly methods.

There are "bondmaster" machines made by APE that are designed for prototype, rework or repair work:


We have had good experience with the APE Bondmaster, and their price is very reasonable ($US4K at last check). Here are some other possible solutions:


The process is as follows:

1) the pads on the PCB are tinned

2) the tail is aligned to the PCB using the alignment holes or visually

3) the tail is held in place relative to the PCB with kapton tape

4) the bondmaster head is lowered, applying pressure between the tail and the PCB

5) the bondmaster is "cycled", which means it heats up to the point of melting the solder and then cools down

6) the bondmaster head is raised.

It is possible to hand solder the tail to the PCB. Great care must be taken since the conductors of the tail are completely exposed in the area where they are soldered. Please see this image:

for a detail picture. Kapton tape should immediately be used to secure the tail to the PCB, so the joint cannot flex and break.

For development purposes, we found SchmartBoard makes some breakout boards with the appropriate pitch:


Please let us know if you have any questions.
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Hand soldering TAB connector

Has anyone soldered the TAB to a Schmart Board by hand?

I'd like to prototype with the CFAF240320K-T-TS.


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While I can't say that I've used one of the schmartboards specifically, I have hand soldered TAB connectors many, many times with success. Ideally you pre-tin all the contacts on the board, then heat the contacts on the TAB connector, one at a time, starting at the center (just what I do, your mileage may vary).

Should work fine for you.