Flickering backlight on 634


New member
Power for the backlight on my PC-installed 634 is taken directly from the 5v supply. However, the BL flickers slightly when power is 'being used' elsewhere in the PC - particularly when there is hard drive activity.

Anyone else get this? Is there an easy fix for this admittedly slight annoyance? E.g. any way to 'smooth' the supply with an inline component? Ta.
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Yeh... ive got the same problem.

Smothing the 5V line is difficult to do. Its not as easy as just throwing a cap on the 5V line.

The best way to do it is to make your own regulator to drop your PCs 12V supply down to 5V for the LCD.
A 7805 may be enough to do it, but itll depend on how much current your backlighting draws.
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