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Well, I just got my 635 yesterday, but i have been playing with LCD Smartie and CC2 quite a bit.

Right now I still can relate and use LCD Smartie easier, but i think CC2 is a very powerful program. Once a gui is in place (trust me i know all the work that it takes and i admire you guys for taking on the challenge) it will be an awesome program!

LCD Smartie is good but somethings like no control over the LEDs and limited support for big numbers (i dont love the bignumbers plugin for Smartie), letters, and graphics makes me think that CC2 will blow its socks off when complete :)

Still i am off using LCD Smartie without LEDs as i like the itunes plugin and i like the screen transitions, plus ease of use currently over CC2.

But it looks like soon i may switch back to CC2 :)

Just thought i would leave some comments :)

Also, to anyone that wants static LED colors with LCD Smartie, you can configure the LEDs color in the 635 Test program, then exit the test program and start LCD Smartie and it will keep the colors there :)
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Ahhh, but it so much fun programming your own screens.:D

LCD is a very nice program, one that I might have started using, if it had been a little more mature when I got my 1st LCD.

I started using CC2, once I found out you could test the BETA. In the end, once the GUI is finished, I think users will begin to realize the full potential of this program. Combined with fact that is going to be most tightly integrated program to CF displays.

Perhaps the best thing that I have found using CC2 in its BETA and current configuration, is that I (and other BETA testers) have used the "what if?" approach.

I hope that there are at least a few features currently in the program, or in development, that has been incorporated into the program as a result of this "what if?" approach.

And of course, CF does make the nicest LCD's on the market, IMHO.:D



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Yup, i agree with you, once its done its going to be an excellent program :)

Needs an itunes plugin hehe

I dont love itunes or apple/ipod, but after looking at all the mp3 players out there, the ipod was the easiest to use and the best money-value ratio :)


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I wasn`t particularly looking for an IPOD myself but certainly found it very cool looking and capable of the job, so good I bought one.

I`m sure we will have an Itunes Plugin before long. Just bear with us for now as our erstwhile Plugin writer is a trifle busy with exams. We`ll generally kick his butt n coerce him when we get a chance. If that fails we`ll just tell him how good he is, even if we have to make it up ;)