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I would just like to make a few suggestions for CrystalControl2.

First of all, I would really like a feature that would allow me to configure "Day" and "Night" settings for the contrast and backlighting on my LCD.

I would find this feature very useful because the settings I use during the day are too bright for my eyes at night. This would be pretty easy to implement, one could allow the user to specify the times at which day turns into night and vice versa.

Secondly, I would really, really love to see a feature that would allow me to turn the LCD off when the screensaver starts (or after a user-defined period of inactivity) and back on when input from the keyboard or mouse was detected.

I'm not sure what the lifespan of these LCD modules is but I certainly don't see any point in having it on while I am sleeping.

Keep up the great work!
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CF Mark

Thanks for the sugestions.

CC2 does support power saving, in that itll turn off LCDs when the PC goes into power saving mode.
Im not sure ill be able to coordinate this with the screen-saver.

I dont think there is much point having a day/night brightness settings as it is very easy to adjust the brightness currently from the pop-up settings window (left click the taskbar icon).


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You know what would be cool, a display that Dims by time of day, and you can Customize it.. For me I just leave the display light maxed out and the contrast about mid way, however Diming maybe like at a preset time would be cool.


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What about an MSN screen? If someone messages you, it comes up on the screen and scrolls? That would be super handy while im in game and I can easily see who messaged me what.


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sum1quiet said:
What about an MSN screen? If someone messages you, it comes up on the screen and scrolls? That would be super handy while im in game and I can easily see who messaged me what.
I had a plug in for Jalcd that did that for Irc, it was cool.


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I use gaim.
It is a open-source client (win & linux)
with support for ICQ/ MSN/ ++
Since this have plugin support and
accessible source code, I would think this would be the easiest client to add support for.


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I have always thought that jalcds was the best software out there. I think CC2 has the potential to surpass it pending the outcome of the screen builder. Here are things that I like about CC2 that jalcdc is not:

- stable (jalcdc seems a little buggy) and runs as a service
- clean interface and easy to setup

Here are things that I would like to see like jalcdc that I do not know if cc2 will have:

1. variables, conditions (if/then), and mathmatical functions -- and the ability to change screens and characters based on these values. Here you can define variables and change them based on anything imaginable (uptime, if a program is running, if a song is playing -- i always have winamp running but not playing all the time, temp of sensor over/below x, outside temp above/below a certain value, time, etc...). This is extremely powerful and if you take the time to learn, you can make your LCD fly!!!

I have my display say "good morning, afternoon, or evening" based on the time of day. Other uses are skip a screen,

2. ability to create a variable from data from internet or flatfile. This is great feature for displaying info from log files, etc...

3. built in stockmarket and weather information

4. ability to bargraph any value. Advanced bargraph by including value inside bargraph (to display totals or % within bargraph)

5. plugin for blinkinlight movies http://www.blinkenlights.de/

6. ping command allowing to display all network devices (I use to notify me if a network device is 'off line' -- it adds a screen, blinks, AND plays a wav file)

7. both LCDsmartie and jaclds (via plugin) have a screen come up on computer for programming -- great because it's easier to program and my computer LCD is not within viewing distance from my monitor

That's all I can remember... jalcds power comes from the ability to create variables from almost anything and manipulate (large letters, no letters, blink, scroll, add a screen, delete a screen, etc...) the screen based on those variables.


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(1) We have a Big Time Plugin for the 634 module which shows both the 12 and the 24 hour clock. I would like to see a date plugin in the same format, so we can have a large live date only element on the module.

(2) Secondly, and most important, I would like to see the same Big Time/Date plugins made available for the 631 module. This, on behalf of one of our users request. Though I believe these would be extremely popular items anyway.

Regards and best wishes,



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Support for CpuCool.


CpuCool has various advantages over MBM or SpeedFan, expecially of being light and very fast at startup.

The coder is very friendly and will surely provide the infos to implement cpucool readings in cc2.