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like reider said in the cc2 appreciation thread ive got a screen here which lets you control your fans connected to the displays with the lcd buttons...

the attached file is for the 631 (2x20 and 4 buttons).
the top row will control the first fan, the 2nd row does the second fan (you can add another 2 rows if you connect it to the 635, and of course u can use only 1 row if u want to)

this screen is great because you dont need to fiddle with ID's or anything for it to work (well almost)
just add the screen to the module you want to use it with..
using this method you cant use the keypad for a differnet lcd from the one that is being used to display it...

ok.. to actually use it make sure the fan is on manual power, the topleft button decreases the fan1 power, top right increases the fan1 power, same for the bottom 2 buttons (but for the fan2 ! )
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All good stuff, thanks JD. I suppose someone with four or more fans could feasibly control all of them using the Keyboard Plugin too! Especially considering the wireless keyboards work at around 6'. That adds up to some quite nifty changes in the latest release.



Using your 631 example, I set 1 up for 635/SCAB, which controls the fans in my "LCD" case.

It includes 3 fans. 1 and 2 have Fan name, RPM, and % power. Fan 3 has Fan name and % power. In my setup, fan 3 has no tach lead...

Actually, fan 3 is a little 40cm fan I have attached to the side of case, which provides a nice little cooling fan for .... me!:D

Up/down controls fan 1. Right/Left controls fan 2. Tick/X controls fan 3.

Easy to modify to add a 4th fan. Use the keyboard to control?

Now, it would be nice (perhaps) to save the settings to the lcd_635.ini file...