Fan monitoring of 633 Display by firmware


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in the datasheet for the 633 Display I found this:

"Expandable firmware and configurable hardware that can be customized to add specific features for your system needs".

Here are my questions:
- Is there a firmware extention available that writes some fan monitoring messages to the display (without a motherboard or other software) ?

- Is it possible to write my own firmware or to add my own features to the existing firmware?

- If yes, where I can found a datasheet or a HowTo for this?

Regards, Stefan
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CF Tech

The original firmware supports displaying values directly from the temperature sensors and fan speeds to the display without host intervention.

Here are some demo strings that you can can "right-click", "paste" into the "Packet debugger" of 633_WinTest:

Command 21: \000\001\000\004\004\000\002
Command 21: \001\002\003\005\010\000\001
Command 21: \002\001\001\004\004\001\002
Command 21: \003\002\001\005\010\001\001
Command 7: CPU rrrrR ttttt\223
Command 8: CSE rrrrR ttttt\223

They will display the first two fans and two of the temperatures (sensors 1 & 3).

If you then use Command 4 to store this setup as the boot state, the 633 will start reading the fans & temperatures as soon as you power-up your computer.

For custom features, we would bid them and write the firmware for you, giving you a special part number which then gets loaded with your firmware.

We do not release the base firmware or the schematic, so it would be quite a challenge to write your own firmware. Not impossible, but a big job. We do not have a "how-to" for this.
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