Fan 4 not working


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Hi group,

I've connected 4 fans to my CFA-635 (with SCAB) but i have a problem reading out the fan speed of fan 4.
I've tried to read the fanspeed using the both my own program and CFA-635 demo program but no luck so far.
All other fans (1..3) work fine, its just the fourth fan that fails. To rull out the fan i've tried switching over fans
3 and 4, but still the fan connected to SCAB connector 4 fails.

Any sugestions ???

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CF Tech

The serial version of the firmware takes over the fan 4 tach and power control pins for use as the RS-232 Rx and Tx pins. So Fan 4 is not usable on a serial CFA-635.
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CF Tech

We can strap it to use some of the ATX pins, or the DOW pins. Plus it needs different firmware. This option is not offered as a generally available part.

You would have to send it back. Please write and ask for an RMA.