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Hi Again!

So, I have a 634 and want to display codemasters F1 2011 data on the LCD.

This data is transfered from the game via TCP/IP to the loopback on IP, Port 20777.
I can capture these packets with rawcap, However they are a mess. (Dont really know what im looking at)

Do you know of a plugin i could modify to display these data packets with CC2?
It would include capturing the data, and displaying it via CC2.

I cant send you a .pcap file of a quick run down a straight if you can make any of it out.

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Supporting this will require a new plugin to be written.
After a bit of research i see it uses the "InSim/OutSim" protocol which quite a few other games also support.

Ill add this to the top of my CC2 to-do list.
It may be a few weeks (or more) before I even look further into this though as we are currently very busy working on new Crystalfontz products.

Please feel free to keep asking for progress in here on this. It'll help serve as a reminder for me :)


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Hi Admin

Many thanks.
I have looked into the InSim/OutSim protocol and while there is enough info out there, It means noting to me. I have tried but everything i have found and downloaded is coded for working with LFS, Not codemasters games so it just doesnt work.
The only nice piece of software is called simdash, http://www.symprojects.com/
They use something called a "simscreen" and their bit of software is really god and works with my F1 2011. Well i can see the details but i dont have one of their screens. Just a same its not a bit more universial to work with the CF screens.

If you need any info from me just drop me a PM and i will try to help or even beta test anything for you.
Alot of codemasters games run the same type of protocol (Dirt 3 etc).