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are the face plates that go with the lcd's included in the price or are they extra? i have no clue
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this is part of the problem with the cart. i have cookies enabled and the main cart workes, but there is nothing that sais the piece is going to ship with a face plate. will it tell me if the face plate is going to come with it? and if not what do i do if it arrives with no faceplate

CF Tech

If you are in the US, just give us a call on Monday and we can do the order by phone (888) 206-9720.

In general, what you see in the thumbnails of the cart is what you get. If there is a bracket (CFA-632, CFA-633, CFA-634), it will have an overlay on it, the CFA-631 will show the overlay separately (although it will be assembled to the display when you receive it).