Everest WMI settings?


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So I just got Everest installed and running and am now trying to setup one of the user screens downloaded from this site. I've got Everest checked to use WMI so I'm good there. Were I'm stuck is the instructions for the screen/plugin say

"Also, since different systems will most likely have different output data, you will probably have to change the Everest WMI values to match your system.'

I appologize if this is rather dense, but how/where do I change the Everest WMI values to match my system? :confused:

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- Open the config program.
- Highlight and click on the "configure" button. This will bring you to the screen editor screen.
- Double-click on a Plug-in data (name/temp/etc.). This will take directly to the WMI/Everest screen.

From there, you simply need to verify that the sensor name and corresponding data match and that they correspond to the screen you are using. For example, my Everest WMI section contains 25 instances. Depending upon which sensors you have turned on/off, and your particular system, you may have more or less instances. These instances are not in any particular order, hence the need to "massage" the screens that I am using on my system.

I hope the above made sense. The best thing to do is simply follow the above instructions. Hopefully, it will begin to make more sense at that point.

Reply back if you need more information. If *necessary*, I can take some screen shots.