ESP32 w/ PlatformIO error


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Hello everyone, I just purchased the Crystalfontz 128x56. I am adding this to a project that I am working on in PlatformIO and receive build errors. If built in the Arduino app, everything compiles fine however, I would like to use PlatformIO (C++).

Does anyone have a rewrite with the cpp file versus the ino file? If not, can anyone assist me with the errors:

PORTB was not declared in this scope
DDRC was not declared in this scope

for the PORTB and PORTC I rewrote like the following which may have resolved that particular:
//#define CLR_CS (PORTB &= ~(0x01)) //pin #8 - Chip Enable Signal
//#define SET_CS (PORTB |= (0x01)) //pin #8 - Chip Enable Signal

Thanks in advance
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CF Kelsey

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Hi, I'm not super familiar with ESP32, but all this section of code is doing is telling the arduino to output high when the "SET_CS" is called and low when "CLR_CS" is called on the first pin of port B (aka, pin 8 on the arduino).

DDRC sets whether pins are inputs or outputs.

It looks like this person had a similar question and got some help: