ESD on CFA-635 + SCAB: lost configuration?


New member

I have a CFA-635 + SCAB + ATX Power cable. Everything was working just fine for the powerup/reset of my HTPC using the keypad until... my wife accidentally made it fall from the TV stand (about 6 feet high). Fortunately it was only my diskless frontend, so no hard drive damage. Everything moved a little bit in the box, I reset everything right and it worked until... I touched the LCD panel. There was a little spark (ESD), I think there must have been some bad grounding somewhere. Anyway I rechecked everything and it's working again except for the following problem:
- when everything is shut down, if I press the green tick key, it sends a reset (that's what the LCD says). So of course it does not start the box
- if I press the red cross key, it sends a Power off (LCD says). As it is basically the same as a power up, the box starts.
So the behavior of the keys has changed quite a little...
Is it possible that the ESD has reset some configuration? How can I correct it?

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