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I get the following error messages on a clean install (no screens or custom plugins loaded) of the latest version of CC2:

Note: win 7 64 bit w/635 display

1) Keyboard.log error message stating: "could not load key_export2.dll"

I know that this error is remedied by making a copy of the existing key_export.dll and renaming it to key_export2.dll...however, is this required .dll missing from the installation or is it just a matter of CC2 looking for the wrong filename? It would be good to document this for new users who try to use the key plugin.

2a) Running the Plugin-test.exe doesn't work unless you copy the cc2_service.ini file from the ProgramData folder into your CC2 installation folder.

2b) Upon running the plugin test I received the following error message: "cc2_main.dll" not export required function "get-type"
Is this a critical error or something unimportant?

3) Even if you deselect "Check for New Releases", CC2 still phones home to: port 80
This was confirmed through my firewall.

4) Netscreen.log - "could not setup network port"

I've attached the plugin test log as well as all of log and ini files in debug mode for your reference.

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