email setup


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i cant setup my email, i entered the server name and my account details but i cant see it on the lcd.
i get wierd symbols and letters.
i searched the forum for solutions and tried them all but it still doesnt work.
pls help !!!
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how do you have your email screen setup?

this is a regular pop account right? cause you can't use hotmail or yahoo or other web based mail services.

CF Mark

CrystalControl doesnt support Winamp3.
Use Winamp 2.xx, its better anyway.

No idea about your email problem :(
Oh, you have filled in the email settings in the settings dialog right?


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junkqwe1 said:
i filled thoswe details
You probably didn't do it right. E-mail server setting is probably where you went wrong. For instance, even though the domain of my e-mail address is, the mail server address is

Get with your ISP and ask them what the setting is. Make like you're configuring Eudora or Outlook. :)