dv-16236 LCD help


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i have about 50 dv-16236 all new and i am looking in to hooking it to my computer some how i know it can be done and such was hoping some one out there would have the time to look into this and see if they could fig it out making a wire and finding or making some software i could use on my computer if u can let me know i can supply a display for testing and to keep like i said i got like 50 and wana make some computer case mods

email me if you think you can hack it


i also have the PDF that go's with it

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that looks about right! but the display has 14 pins on it and the link you posted is for 16-18 pin! ill look in to it see what i can find i have some wires that have the plugs on it! im still lost in the wiring diagram to convert what is on the cable to a parallel or USB
The first 14 pins are the same for these displays. The extra pins are for a negative voltage option and/or duplicate pins for the backlight, which you don't need to use.

You won't be able to adapt your display to USB unless you also get a USB-to-parallel converter, which would also require custom software. The parallel printer port method can at least be used with CFA's standard software.


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been working on it off and on for a while and yet to no a vale still not working cant think what going wrong running 4.5v- 5v like the PDF says any sug. let me know!
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There is not enough information here to know what your setup is.

Are you connected to a parallel port, like in the link I posted? If so, what is the port address and what voltage level are the signals?

What software are you using to try to control the display?

Can you post a photo of the hookup?


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i hooked it to DB25 like the link you posted linked the 5v to the lines it says ill post a pic of the setup i have as soon as i get to my camera