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a few days ago i received a 16x2 LCD from to review. This is the v2.0 19200baud version. It's pre-made in a case and is attached with a "phone" cable. now the hardware works fine, i really like it.

But why isn't there a decent driver? I mean, no offense, but yoiu guys make those things. How hard can it be to develop a driver that can be used in C/C++/VB ? The WinTest software is the only good working software. Also the character set changed. at least you could have modified WinTest to support this, it would spare us developers at lot of work.

I tried LCDriver too. It doesn't support 19200baud, it's 8 months old, ... yes i did change it to 9600 baud too a few times, but hell, if you sell new hardware at least support it... LCDCenter is a crappy piece of software compared to LCDproc for linux.

If there was a driver available i'd write my own software... the only good things i came across where crystalizer and some WinAmp plug-in that DOESN'T use LCDriver....

Any ideas on when there will be any new drivers available? The hardware is great, but without software it's just useless...
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At least you got LCDriver to work, thats more than I managed :(

but you are right and it's a valid point, there is absolutely no point at all in making these things if no one actually makes software that
a works
b. is maintained to reflect new technology
c. you don't need to mess about with to get to work

Of all the apps I tried (Windows) only Wintest worked, and that has limited use.

I am a little disappointed after seeing scren shots of people proudly showing all sorts of stats, god knows what they are using....


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well I tried that.
I followed all the links I could find, I also tried "smartie" (Parallell only :( ) which looked quite promising.

no luck I'm afraid.

I'm always open to other suggestions though.