Drive CFAH1602 module via I2C


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I'd like to save some I/O pins on my embedded project and drive a CFAH1602 character LCD module via I2C serial.
I could make my own daughter board with a micro in slave mode, but before I do that does anybody have any experience/recommendations of an off-the-shelf parallel to I2C converter module/IC?
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CF Tech

Here is one. It is probably a pre-programmed flash micro of some kind (PIC, AVR, etc).

Some suggestions though:

1) (assuming a production setting) Moving to a larger package for your main processor (at minimum you only need 6 lines to talk to the LCD) would almost certainly be less expensive than creating an I2C daughter board.

2) (assuming a low volume setting) You can talk to the CFA-632 with only one pin (though it is easiest if you have a spare Tx of a UART) in serial mode. You can talk to it with 3 pins in its "low-speed SPI" mode.

3) There are some I2C interface LCDs out there--I think they are based on a Phillips part.


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I did see the one from i2cchip but was concerned that it didn't seem to be readily available.

I2C LCD gains me more than just I/O saving;
- ability to daisy chain multiple LCDs
- ability to drive other I2C display devices daisy chained (like LED)
- bulky 12 core cable becomes 4 core
- bulky 12 or 16 way connectors become 4 way

I'm thinking I'll give it a go with an MCP23008 8 bit I/O expander, less than $1 each.