Download and Install CrystalControl2 - 21/01/11

CF Mark

CrystalControl2 - 21/01/11

Click here to download CrystalControl2

If you are installing CrystalControl2 for the first time, it is suggested that you read the "Installing the Software" section of the manual.
A downloadable version of the manual can be found here.

Please make sure you are using the latest USB Drivers which can be found here.

Version History:

- Fixed screen editor static string length bug
- Fixed some suspend/power-saving issues

- Added CFA533 support
- Added CoreTemp software support
- Many Win7 bug fixes
- Misc bug fixes

- Fixed 631/633/635 fan/temp reporting bug

- Fixed HD44780 setup issues
- Added SimBin plugin (GTR, GTR2, Race, Race07, GT Legends, GTR-Evolution support)
- Fixed possible 631/633/635 fan packet handling bug

- New CC2 tray application option (replaces service, fixes Vista info retrieval)
- New Email2 plugin (supports SSL)
- New rFactor plugin
- Can now set LCD update speed (for 631/633/635 lockup problem solving)

- Fixed Vista sleep/hibernation problem
- New Rivatuner plugins
- Fixed E01's in email plugin

- Adds Microsoft Vista compatibility.
- Added LCD startup screen saver.
- Fixed WMI/Everest mem leaks.
- Fixed WMI configuration dialog bug.
- Merged Winamp2 plugins into one.
- Fixed Foobar2000 plugin bug.
- Fixed system uptime reporting.
- Tweaked timing routines.
- New more detailed logging format.
- Many more small fixes.

- New Screen-Editor!
- Screen transition effects!
- Associated screen-editor plugins.
- New plugins.
- HD44780 support is working again (although, may be slow).
- Many new screens (thanks Jim!).
- Lots of bug fixes.

- New "ATI Tray Tools" plugin + screens (not "ATITool").
- New NetStat plugin + screens.
- Calc plugin INI format changes.
- Timedate plugin now give days in current year.
- Improved serial packet handling code (decreases LCD corruption on 631/633/635's).
- CrystalControl2 new version checker.
- Fixed >100 plugin INI section bug.
- Fixed empty string INI bug.
- All plugins now have 1024 section limit.
- New kill_cc2 utility.

- Now includes the Microsoft VC80 redist package to install required DLLs.
- Re-added the screen options tab in the config app.
- Fixed screen switching event bug.
- Added user configurable options to the "cc2_timedate" plugin (replaces JD's time plugin).
- Added better logging for errors in HD44780 port driver.
- Service now reloads "logprefs.ini" on start/restart.
- Fixed start screen selection box refresh on up/down screen movement.
- Config app now saves settings immediatley on starting/restarting the service.

- CC2 Service now starts & stops a lot quicker
- Added user idle LCD dimming
- New screens
- Fixed HDD4780 driver installation
- New simpler directory layout
- Fixed screen loading bugs
- Fixed 631/633/635 com port selection bug
- Added simple calc plugin
- Updated aafleyer's bigchars & showgif plugins
- Fixed flicker of 631/633/635 temp/fan graph
- Added logging options via "logprefs.ini"
- Fixed many misc bugs

24/07/2005 (SV-1.00, CV-1.00):
- New textfile/http reading plugin using regex pattern matching
- New screens
- INIs now use the escape character "\"
- Fixed a few INI reading/writing bugs
- Faster service & GUI startup due to INI reading buffering
- Added support for using ID for temp sensor for fan control
- Extended max length of INI values to 512 chars (for regex matches)
- Added support of LCD character translation mapping
- 632/634 now supports special (red chars in map) characters
- Fixed \\ in cc2_config.ini creation by the installer
- Installer changes windows registry to give more time for CC2 to shutdown on PC reset/poweroff (should help fix PC poweroff lockups)

11/05/2005 (SV-1.00, CV-1.00):
- 631/633/635 full fan & temp sensor support
- Enhanced screen loading abilities (reduces manual changes required)
- Changed pop-up settings layout
- Manual updates
- New loadable screens
- Now supports line right scrolling

- Now supports item scrolling
- Fixed built in up/down screen keypad support (DKC)
- Many other smaller things

17/12/2004 (SV-1.00, CV-1.00):
- First public release
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