Double character on 16x2 CFAH1602B


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Just got my displays in today and my boards from the pcb house - wrote up some quick firmware and viola - init works and characters come up on the screen properly (almost...)

My problem:
The last character written to the display "echoes" twice... example...

If I send "TESTING" to the display, what I actually see is "TESTINGG" - note the second G...

What I have done to bypass this problem is send an extra "space" at the end of my string so it simply says "TESTING " now instead... but I would like to fix this. Does anyone have any ideas? My code is very straight forward and does not use a loop of any sort so I don't see how it is getting in twice...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you require more information to aid in my solving of this problem.

Thank you,

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It would be helpful if you could post the part of the code that strobes the data into the display. It could be a timing issue or a level problem, or even noise causing a double strobe. What cpu at what clock rate are you using?

The more info the better... pictures of scope traces would be best.


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Got it! Thank you

You are correct - enable was bouncing due to a code glitch in interrupt section. Sorry for the bother - all is now well with my world. Very cool displays :)