Does CC2 v1.0 Support HD44780 Modules?


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From The Release Sticky:
"HD44780 support have been removed from this release of CrystalControl2 due to problems with the IO port driver.
Support will be re-introduced when this problem has been fixed. "

I have made my own Parallel Port/HD44780 LCD Module following this guide:
CC2 Generic HD44780 LCD Setup but have been completely unsuccessful in displaying txt on the unit. It is an Optrex DMC20481 4x20 Module, in which I have been able to control the contrast, the backlight, and get two rows of blocks (which is a sign of it waiting for data?).

Does the message from the sticky correspond to my project?
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I had already looked there, but thank you for the input.

I came to the conclusion that CC2 does NOT yet support HD44780 controllers.

I after fussing around for 2 DAYS with CC2 thinking that something hardware related or wiring related was the problem, I decided there must be something else around, and a little googling revealed LCD Smartie 5.3 (LCD Smartie Project).

I ran the program, and in less than 5 minutes I had my display showing anything I could possibly want.

So those of you out there having display issues, and think you couldn't possibly be that 1% who DOESN'T have a wiring problem, check out LCD Smartie.

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The reason I pointed you to the post was that it links to CFAH_WinTest, which makes it easy for you to verify your wiring and display function. Once that is done, then you can hit the higher level software with some level of confidence.

Glad you got it working with LCD Smartie. One of these days we may add parallel support back into CC2, but it is not a high priority.